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Userland incorporation in OpenIndiana Hipster and what does it mean for developer

Last Sunday we've published userland incorporation to /hipster-2015 repository. This was a feature long asked for by several users. It is generated by Jenkins on the build host and forces all packages generated by oi-userland build (excluding illumos-gate-provided packages and kvm) to be the latest. As we publish this incorporation on each oi-userland rebuild, you can force your system to go to specific point in the future. For example:

$ pkg list -avf pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation
FMRI                                                                         IFO
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151006T203007Z ---
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151005T203207Z ---
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151004T163056Z i--
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151004T150924Z ---
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151004T132353Z ---
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151004T122350Z ---
pkg://openindiana.org/consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0:20151004T095518Z ---

We can see that this system has incorporation with  20151004T163056Z  timestamp installed and two more recent versions are available. So I can do something like:
$ sudo pkg update -v \

to move to the 5th October  package versions.

Why developers doesn't like incorporations (and IPS generally)? Because it doesn't allow you to do what you want with your system. For example, you can't install another package version.
In case of userland incorporation, you have some freedom. You can just uninstall it (and entire, as entire depends on userland-incorporation). But you can get issues during new zone setup if your NGZ misses entire. So, you have three options:
  • stay with old entire, which doesn't depend on userland-incorporation (pkg freeze it);
  • uninstall entire and userland-incorporation;
  • use facets to relax incorporate dependencies.

Let's look on the last option more attentively. For example, I'm going to experiment with new mesa. But userland-incorporation has the following dependency:
$ pkg contents -m userland-incorporation |grep mesa
depend facet.version-lock.x11/library/mesa=true fmri=x11/library/mesa@10.5.9,5.11-2015.0.1.0:20150927T212600Z type=incorporate

As you see, it is marked by facet. So you can do
$ sudo pkg facet facet.version-lock.x11/library/mesa
FACET                                                            VALUE SRC
version-lock.x11/library/mesa                                    True  system
$ sudo pkg change-facet facet.version-lock.x11/library/mesa=false
$ sudo pkg install pkg://userland/x11/library/mesa
$ sudo pkg info mesa
             Name: x11/library/mesa
          Summary: The Mesa 3-D Graphics Library
         Category: System/X11
            State: Installed
        Publisher: userland
          Version: 11.0.2
           Branch: 2015.0.1.0
   Packaging Date: October  7, 2015 03:00:58 PM
Last Install Time: October  7, 2015 06:49:24 PM
             Size: 34.82 MB
             FMRI: pkg://userland/x11/library/mesa@11.0.2-2015.0.1.0:20151007T150058Z
      Project URL: http://www.mesa3d.org/
       Source URL: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.0.2/mesa-11.0.2.tar.xz
But beware, if you would like to change facet back, you can't do it:
$ sudo pkg change-facet version-lock.x11/library/mesa=true
Creating Plan (Solver setup): /
pkg change-facet: Package entire must be uninstalled before the requested operation can be performed.
  Reject:  pkg://openindiana.org/entire@0.5.11-2015.0.2.1:20151003T221212Z
  Reason:  No version matching 'require' dependency consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation can be installed
Package x11/server/xorg/driver/xorg-video-ati must be uninstalled before the requested operation can be performed.
  Reject:  pkg://openindiana.org/x11/server/xorg/driver/xorg-video-ati@6.14.6-2015.0.1.0:20150927T212825Z
  Reason:  No version matching 'require' dependency x11/server/xorg@1.14.7-2015.0.1.0 can be installed
    Reject:  pkg://openindiana.org/x11/server/xorg@1.14.7-2015.0.1.0:20150927T184317Z
    Reason:  No version matching 'optional' dependency x11/library/mesa@7.4.4-2014.1.3.0 can be installed
      Reject:  pkg://userland/x11/library/mesa@11.0.2-2015.0.1.0:20151007T150058Z
      Reason:  This version is excluded by installed incorporation consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation@0.5.11-2015.0.2.0


Firstly, you have to install mesa version offered by openindiana.org publisher.
Update (2016-01-26). If you use your host as test station, it's easier just to uninstall userland-incorporation. Now you can do this without touching entire. Just do
$ sudo pkg change-facet facet.require.consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation=false
$ sudo pkg uninstall userland-incorporation

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