вторник, 11 января 2011 г.

repmgr or manage your PostgreSQL cluster easily

I've looked through Greg Smith's post about repmgr and feel quite interested. As I understood, this utility significantly simplifies PostgreSQL cluster management. I'd like to test it this week. There are a lot of questions. Will this repmgr compile on FreeBSD? How will be fail of master processed? What will happen if master goes down, e.g. due to network failure, and then is reborn while old slave is a new master? What will happen if nodes are divided in several groups? We'll see. At least, first three questions are critical...

One more thing which I'd like to see in PostgreSQL is a transparent support for HA configurations from client library. The following scenario worked in Oracle RAC. We had two "IN A" DNS records for "oracle.our.domain" pointing to our RAC nodes, and applications transparently switched from one node to another on node's failure. More supported behavior was achieved by specifying both nodes in ADDRESS_LIST and using proper FAILOVER_MODE.

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