пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

Looking for virtualization solution

Now I'm looking something to replace VMware ESXi... So far I looked at XCP (xen cloud platform). It has issues running OpenIndiana, so it was not a best choice for me. Then I looked at OpenNode. But satisfactory WebUI was available only for latest beta version, and I didn't manage to make it working. Maybe I should look at Aeolus Project? When I return to this task, I'll give it a try. Just for now I'm going to deploy new PostgreSQL server in old proved FreeBSD jailed environment. At least its overhead and complexity is minimal...

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  1. Comment for myself: perhaps OpenStack is worth considering.

  2. Finally we had to abandon FreeBSD-based sollution in favour of Debian-based one - proxmox. It allows lightweight virtualization (OpenVZ) with resource control, paravirtualization and full virtualization (KVM), has Web-based console, works with our hardware (supports multipath on EMC without extra headache), supports clusters operation (including live migration of containers and VMs and common management console) and Debian has a lot of available software in repositories. Other major candidates were FreeBSD (jails) and OpenIndiana (zones). We will miss ZFS... LVM is better then nothing, but is miserable comparing to ZFS.
    Just for now we migrate our services from FreeBSD jails to OpenVZ containers. Later we are going to look on replacing ESXi with KVM...