пятница, 13 августа 2010 г.

Why I'm going to read Oracle course in university... on PostgreSQL

I used to like Oracle. They gave us one of the best DBMS. They made a lot of work on promoting Linux. They used a lot of open source software in their products and promoted Java...
But their greed is unnatural. It is more than Microsoft's greed.
1) Their DBMS costs too much. When our university tried to prolong their support, they said taht we had to pay taxes... because we hadn't done this earlier.
2) They don't allow to use their products in education for free. Even MS Academy program is free for our University.
3) They have done everything to kill Sun OpenSolaris. Damn them!
4) They prohibited to use Sun Solaris for free.
5) And now they are suing Google for using Java technologies in Android.
IMHO, this company is crazy and ill on immediate profit. It doesn't matter to them that their steps only makes potential customers nervous. What is next? Will they sue Apache or SpringSource for developing Java-related products or FreeBSD for using ZFS?
No, thanks. I will not promote their products at our campus.
FreeBSD and PostgreSQL is a real base for DBMS server, not Solaris and one overpriced DBMS...

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