воскресенье, 1 августа 2010 г.

Illumos Project

It seems, that community OpenSolaris distro is coming... There is no much clarity yet. All details will be available in 2 days: http://www.illumos.org/projects/site/wiki/Announcement . It may be good news...
However, my former OpenSolaris desktop nowadays submits BSD stats (www.bsdstats.org) :)
As always, there are own advantages and disadvantages in FreeBSD, but at least I'm confident in its future.
About advantages: a great heap of FOSS (e.g, now I can read djvu, have working fbreader and even watch youtube in konqueror). About disadvantages: wine malfunctions, system doesn't want to boot from second drive in ZFS mirror with first drive detached (It boots with healthy pool or with second drive detached. OpenSolaris-b134 didn't want to boot with any drive detached). And I haven't tried anything Oracle-related yet...

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