четверг, 22 марта 2012 г.

Redmine/Webrick rc script

I've just installed redmine 1.3.2 on FreeBSD server and met several inconviniences.

  1. It is not in ports

  2. It depends on old versions of different ruby gems, which are already not in ports.
    In particular, it didn't want to work with rack 1.4.1 and I had to do

    # gem install rake -v=1.1.0

  3. It doesn't have rc script to startup Webrick web server (I didn't want to install apache on this host)

So, I've taken mongrel_cluster rc script and made redmine rc script from it. It is here:

# PROVIDE: redmine
# KEYWORD: shutdown
# This script is modified by placing the following variables inside
# /etc/rc.conf:
# redmine_enable (bool):
# Set it to YES to enable this service.
# Default: NO
# redmine_dir (path):
# The directory containing redmine
# Default: /usr/local/redmine/
# redmine_user (username):
# The user to run redmine as
# Default: redmine
# redmine_args (string):
# Additional command flags for ruby
# Default: "-e production -d"

. /etc/rc.subr



load_rc_config $name

: ${redmine_enable="NO"}
: ${redmine_dir="/usr/local/redmine/"}
: ${redmine_args="-e production -d"}
: ${redmine_user="redmine"}

start_cmd="redmine_cmd start"
stop_cmd="redmine_cmd stop"
restart_cmd="redmine_cmd restart"
status_cmd="redmine_cmd status"


if [ ! -d "${redmine_dir}/." ]; then
warn "${redmine_dir} is not a directory."
return 1

case $1 in
su -l ${redmine_user} -c "cd ${redmine_dir} && pwd && eval $command script/server webrick $redmine_args"
if [ -f ${redmine_dir}/tmp/pids/server.pid ] ; then
PID=$(/usr/bin/head -1 ${redmine_dir}/tmp/pids/server.pid)
/bin/kill -s int $PID 2>/dev/null
sleep 3
/bin/kill -s 0 $PID 2>/dev/null && /bin/kill -s kill $PID;
redmine_cmd stop
redmine_cmd start
if [ -f ${redmine_dir}/tmp/pids/server.pid ] ; then
echo "PID file exists"
PID=$(/usr/bin/head -1 ${redmine_dir}/tmp/pids/server.pid)
/bin/kill -s 0 $PID 2>/dev/null && echo "Server is running with pid $PID" && exit 0;
echo "But server is not running..." && exit 1;
echo "Server is not running" && exit 0;

run_rc_command "$1"

The interesting thing to note is that to terminate webrick correctly, you have to send it SIGINT, not SIGTERM.

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