четверг, 22 декабря 2011 г.

How can you use PocketBook?

I received a PocketBook 612 reader as New Year present... I haven't seen slower device. It seems that my phone is faster and even my 13-year old computer was faster... I just want to read books. However, when I navigate through pages in a PDF file, this thing starts thinking,,, I can't even scroll through several pages per minute. The screen sometimes shows artifacts (is not cleared completely). The book has 44 dictionaries... It's good. It has even Ukrainian-Russian dictionary and French-English one but not French-Russian... And this device is supposed to be sold in Russia... Cool.
I didn't manage to connect it to my home Wi-Fi WPA2/PSK network with hidden AP.
However, it can pronounce words and read text aloud. But I don't need this, all I need is a reader and a vocabulary. I thought I could get it for about 250$. I was wrong... I wouldn't count this amount of money if the thing worked... But it lags worse than 10-year's old PC.
Possibly I should read books from my phone and don't use such incomprehensible device... It seems the best solution is to return this device to a seller and to buy some cheap netbook or tablet pc...

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