понедельник, 6 декабря 2010 г.

This is why Russian science will die or something about philanthropy

I finish reading a DBMS-related course in South Federal University. I've read 34 hours (once per week since September to December) lectures and received about 100$ for this work. Our universities are the most philanthropic organizations in the world!!!
I'm not complaining, I have other sources of income, but it clearly shows that I'm not motivated to read lectures :) For example, to prepare for one lecture I need about 6 hours + 2 hours of lecture - so we have 8 hours per week or about 128 hours overall. It's about half of full working month, so I supposed to work for 200$ per month... Cool! I was always shocked with Russian higher education system. It's main miracle is that it still exists.
And we always hear different shit from our beloved leaders about High Technologies and Science. It's quite funny.

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