среда, 15 сентября 2010 г.

OpenIndiana oi_147

Today we finally got the first release of OpenIndiana - new Illumos distribution, comparable to OpenSolaris binary distribution. I've just set it up and looked throw. Some interesting new things after my migration to FreeBSD (at times of OpenSolaris dev build 134) - interesting thing in zfs:
zfs diff:

# zfs diff -F rpool/ROOT/openindiana@install rpool/ROOT/openindiana
M / /
M / /var/pkg
M / /var/cache/cups
M / /var/cache/cups/rss
M / /var/adm
M / /dev
M / /etc
M / /var/cache/gdm
M / /var/svc/log
M / /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults
M / /var/tmp
M / /etc/rc2.d

It's quite convinient, however it would be really cool to make zfs diff on particular files :) Other things include DTrace udp and tcp probes and quite sensible improvements in NWAM. At least, it is usable now...

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  1. Oh, I've forgot. The IIIM is still alive. What a pity... When will they kill it in favor of XKB/gswitchit?